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A debate around air pollution in London, with interventions from many MPs asking for a legal limit to air pollution, and both the Minister and Shadow Minster of Environment, was held in Westminster Hall last Tuesday. Munira Wilson, the Lib Dem MP for Twickenham (London), led the debate. Here are 5 main points discussed:

1) Introducing “Ella’s Law” or the “Clean Air Act”

In her opening, Munira Wilson, started with a tribute to Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah — the 9 year old girl who died because of the air pollution in London, and was the first person to have it written as the cause of death — and asked for the…

The zone in green, inside the A4540 Middleway, is the Clean Air Zone

On June 1st 2021, the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will enter into effect in Birmingham, joining Bath to implement such a zone. At that date, some types of vehicles will have to pay a fee every day they enter the zone. If you have never heard of it, or are not exactly sure what it is, here’s an explainer about what are the cars exempted to pay, the prices and payment options, some of the possible exemptions one can apply for and where to gather more information.

  • Launching: 1 June 2021
  • Area covered: inside the A4540 Middleway (see map above)

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This year will not only be different for Thanksgiving, with Americans asked by the CDC to not travel home, but also for the shopping spree.

One of the biggest retailers in the country, Walmart, announced earlier this month they would keep their stores closed on Thursday, a first in 30 years. So is Target, J.C. Penney, Best Buy or Macy’s.


And many retailers decided to start their Black Friday online deals earlier in the month, to avoid an avalanche of customers on Friday.

ONS bot explaining some general facts about job automation

When I think about interactivity in journalism, one of the first things that pops in my head is bots. Maybe it’s the influence and interest I had about Politibot.

A Spanish project through Facebook Messenger and Telegram, where a chatbot would interact with the user about a relevant news that occurred that day or the day prior and gives you some background.

If you didn’t have time, or even haven’t read that much about the news; you’d be well informed on the subject of the day (most of the times it would be Spain-centric) in less than 10 minutes.


Puente romano de Ourense, autor: Mario Sánchez Prada

Con 1.592 contagios aún en activo, Ourense es la área sanitaria gallega con más casos, doblando las cifras de A Coruña.

Los datos del Sergas, y recogidos por el Faro de Vigo, dejan al área sanitario ourensano en mala posición, al acumular más casos que toda la provincia de A Coruña a pesar de tener una población tres veces menor.

Las áreas sanitarias de Santiago y Vigo están mostrando un repunte en números de casos, mientras que A Coruña vuelve a niveles de mediados de agosto.

Casos acumulados por provincia a 14 días por 100.000 habitantes

La incidencia a 14 días (del 28 de septiembre al 11 de octubre)…

665 migrants have lost their life this year trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, a decrease of almost half compared to the same time last year.

This is the lowest number since 2014, when the IOM’s Missing Migrants Project started collecting the information.

Almost two in three of the deaths occurred in the Central Mediterranean route, mostly near Libya and Tunisia.

Numbers as of 31 September 2020

Less migrants trying to cross by sea

The numbers of migrants who successfully crossed the sea up until the end of September is 58,847, a decrease of 29% compared to last year.

With Italy accounting for almost 25,000, the only major point of entry whose numbers have increased on a year to year basis.

Author: OpenClipart-Vectors

Early voting, be it by mail or in-person, is rolling in some states, and 2 million Americans already cast their ballot in 18 different states. With others starting to send ballots later in October.

This is 10 times higher than this time in 2016, according to Jacob Soboroff.

Those high numbers early on, are mainly due to two factors:

  1. The pandemic has raised concerns about the safety of voters and the high risk of virus transmission at polling stations. If voters have the choice to vote by mail, or early in-person, they may take that opportunity to do so.

Reuters is a well renowned news agency, based in London, covering the daily events all around the world, be it by text, image or video. They also have a graphics department where you can find data journalism content, or infographics news that helps have a better perspective on a given event, such as the recent explosion in Beirut in How powerful was the Beirut blast? for example. The one I decided to analyse revolves around the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima’s bombing: In a flash, a changed world.

Mode, genre and audience

The article can be classified has being multimodal, given…

For the year 2019, Ash & Lacy Finishes Limited and T. Class Security Limited had the highest average hourly pay gap, both at 100%. Or to better put it, for each pound, per hour, men employees make, women make zero pence.

Even other data, such as the median pay gap, have similar disparities that there might be a reason behind it. Both companies’ numbers tell a different story that end up distorting the ranking.

Source: Reinhard Dietrich

A closer look to the information provided by the Gender Pay Gap Service states that T. Class Security Limited didn’t send their report in time, it…

You can easily say that for Beatriz Farrugia, a journalist from São Paulo (Brazil), journalism was something she was meant to do. From a young age she loved history and writing, and thought that the best way to combine both was to become a journalist.

After graduating from a Bachelor in Journalism, and with a postgraduate in International Relations, she worked as an international reporter and editor for the Italian news agency called ANSA. She also wrote articles for the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and for The Brazilian Report, a digital newspaper in English.

Even though she worked…

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Data Journalist, with an interest in news about Climate/Energy and Politics mostly.

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